The Hillson Family

hilsonRobert Earl Clifton Hillson began the business in 1935. The Hillson Nut Company was born of a strong work ethic and commitment to providing a tasty and healthful snack for customers, and ingredient to the many dairies existing at the time. Robert, one of twelve children born to immigrants George Hillson and Rose Burnham of the Boston area, brought in his brother Edward soon afterwards to help in the growing business.

By 1956, the business had grown considerably and more space was needed. The Hillsons moved the business to its current location on West 71st Street. This historical building once housed an enormous power generator to convert the coal fired trains to electric power for cleaner air within the city as part of the Cleveland Terminal Project in the 1930's.

Edward Hillsons children began working in the family business as soon as they were able, and now currently serve as our President (Richard Hillson), Vice President (Ed Hillson), and Customer Relations Manager (Teddi Hillson).


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