Covid-19 Updates

This Holiday season we urge our customers to order as early as possible to guarantee on time arrival. Due to Covid-19 many shipments are experiencing extended delays, and while we ship our orders out as fast as possible we cannot control the shipping speed once it leaves our facility.

During Covid-19 we are highly committed to ensuring the health of our customers and staff. We have implemented extra procedural measures during our production and distribution to ensure the safety of our product.

We've outlined those steps below so that our customers may rest easy with the knowledge that Hillson Nut is adhering to the best possible practices.

 As a food manufacturer, we adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which are the basic operational and environmental conditions required to produce safe foods. They ensure that ingredients, products and packaging materials are handled safely and that food products are processed in a suitable environment.

In addition to those practices, we have added these steps to our routine:
Upon arrival to work, all employees have their temperature taken, and in the occurrence of a fever, the employee will be not allowed to return to work until they have obtained a doctors clearance and are clear of any symptoms.
While gloves and hairnets have always been a requirement for all staff or visitors while on our production floor, we have taken extra care to ensure that our employees are practicing increased hand-washing, more frequent wipe-down and sanitation of all surfaces, and regular cleaning of our factory outlet store.
We’d like to emphasize that there has not been any proven transmission of the current virus via foodstuffs, and that the current risk associated with imported foods is thought to be low to nonexistent.
The Hillson Nut Company.
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